The Rolling Bones Players -

Seniors Drama Group


The Rolling Bones Players are a social drama group who put together one off shows for the local community and aim to raise funds for local charities.  All participants are volunteers: writers, directors, producers, props & stage hands, sound & light operators.  Rehearsals for performances are held at various times and venues as decided by the group.  Membership and participation is free and no performing experience is required.


This year the group is producing a movie!
Pre-production is almost complete and principle
photography is set to begin shortly.


Previous performances have included:

2012 - "The Cruise" - Play

2011 - "Hey Hey it's Hervey Bay" - skit show

2010 - An Ol' Timey radio show. - play

2008 - "Cinderella & Beyond" - a Fairytale Parody

2006 - "Hook" - pantomome - PHOTOS