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Driving a car gives gives people the opportunity to enjoy an independent lifestyle with a great amount of freedom & mobility.  However, driving can be a very complex activity & much can go wrong.

Whilst injuries & fatalities as a result of driving can affect anyone at any age, older drivers are involved in more road accidents than people of most ages.  Even though the older drivers have the benefit of experience on their side, this cannot always compensate for normal age-related changes in vision, movement & information processing - all of which can affect the ability to drive safely.  Older people are also more likely to to be taking medications as a result of age related health problems or medical conditions.

For responsible citizens, this means acknowledging age related limitations & taking appropriate measures to ensure both your individual safety and that of all other road users.

In recognition of the needs of older drivers, the RACQ has developed a comprehensive awareness program for Queensland's older drivers, incorporating a special handbook, informative seminars and the option of participating in an on-road refresher course.  The aim of the 'Years Ahead Awareness Program' is to help older drivers (60+ years) stay up to date with road rules & driving techniques.
For further information:

Years Ahead Awareness Workshops PH: (07) 3872 8925

Years Ahead Refresher Drive PH: (07) 3361 2382 or 1800 68039