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Whilst every person has the right to live without fear or restriction, it is important to acknowledge that in a world that is less than ideal, risks do exist. In most cases however, risks cab be avoided by being aware of possible problems & thinking ahead about strategies to deal with them. The following hits will assist you to reduce the likelihood of your personal safety being placed at risk.

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  • Always be careful whom you let into your home. Have a peephole or chain installed so you can see who is at the door without fully opening it.
  • Always check the credentials of the service repair people & do not allow charity collectors to enter your home. Talk to strangers through a locked security door where possible. If you are unsure of a persons motive, ask for the name of the company & the telephone number * check their position with the company.
  • Always be careful who is present when charing private information about yourself. Be discreet about discussing your financial or living arrangements loudly in public.
  • Do not advertise the fact that you live alone through telephone listings or letterboxes.
  • Do not give your telephone number or reveal any information about yourself to unknown people.
  • Do not let strangers know that you are home alone or when you will be away from the house.
  • Do not give personal information over the phone unless you know who you are talking to.
  • Join your local neighborhood watch & develop a network of people you trust & can contact for advice or assistance in an emergency. People you might consider for your network are relatives, friends, community groups, neighbors & police.
  • Remember to trust your instinct it it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't.
  • Even when at home during the day remember keep screen doors locked. Stay alert & stay safe!