Scooter / Wheelchair Convoy
2009,World Record Success!



126 people crossed the finish line of this years convoy which means that we beat Mackay who challenged us. Considering that it was MacKay's first attempt they were happy with their results but have vowed to fight back next year to see if they can beat us.

Standing at the Seafront Oval Extension on the morning of the convoy waiting for everyone to arrive for registration was just magic.  People seemed to come from every which way and when the Bicycle User Group who were doing the official registrations kept asking for more paperwork and more lanyards etc I was flabbergasted.

I had been prepared and brought additional items in case more people turned up than those who had pre-registered only to find that a lot more people turned up then we could ever expect.

So all of you who participated in this year's event give yourself a big pat on the back for doing such a great job. Thanks also goes to the all of the people who dressed up and decorated their scooters as this adds to the fun of the day.

On arrival at Scarness Park participants were shouted a sausage and a drink and lets thank all the volunteers from Older Men Unlimited and The Hervey Bay Lions for assisting with this mammoth task.  Entertainment was kept moving by our MC Matt Speakman and the wonderful sounds of "B" Side and Tony Worsley and boy were they good!

We were  fortunate in having a visit by the Minister for Disability Services Ms Anastasia Palasczuk who along with Mayor Mick Kruger cut the ribbon to start this year's convoy. The Regional Director for Disability Services- Department of Communities Ms Anne-Maree Byrne was also in attendance along with a number of Councillors..

So all in all a good day was had by all.

Just a few people to thank for assisting with the organisation of the day and for supporting the event


  • Department of Communities, Fraser Coast Regional Council,
  • Totally Mobile, Hearty Foods,Masterlink Computers, Scooters & Mobility

Tracey Turton, Gina Stewart, Gaye Arthur, Beverley James, Peggie Carnegie, Ellen Treston, Maureen Tutton, Deborah Moore, Amie Moore, John Parsons, June Harrison, Margaret Vickers, Burnie, Allan Price, Carl Garber, Elizabeth & John Jones. Roz Moulineaux

Food & Drinks:
Older Men Unlimited and Hervey Bay Lions

MC - Matt Speakman, "B" Side (Les Skerry and Tony Worsley)

Official Witnesses:
Councillor Julie Arthur and Seniors Legal and Support Social Worker Fiona Payne

Bay Safe Scooter Committee & Convoy Organising Committee

Bernie Clarry, Heather Suggett , Jim Davies, Peggie Carnegie, Greg Mengle, Ellen Treston and Jo Argyle

Local Scooter Riders
- We would especially like to thank the individual scooter riders who assisted with promoting the event for months before and last but not least thanks to all of the participants, family and friends for taking part.

Now all we have to do is wait with baited breath to hear if we will receive a ‘World Record". Whether we get this or not the Fraser Coast have set a record and continues to beat this each year and now that other areas are challenging this record we are set to strive to stay on top once again.

Remembering also that this event is organised to promote the safe use of motorised scooters and wheelchairs and to remind the wider community of the importance these vehicles hold in an individuals life and for their independence.


Click here to see photos from the day!.